28 Apr

Vaccination Against COVID-19 for all Staff of Lifestyle Group

We began this week an extensive and aggressive roll-out of the vaccination against COVID-19 that will cover all staff, some 2,500 employees of the Lifestyle Group. I was there on the first day to receive vaccination and oversee the logistics of this huge achievement for the company.

“I am fully behind this initiative from the President of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Luis Abinader, alongside Health and Tourism Cabinets respectively, so that all personnel working in the country’s tourism sector will receive full vaccination against COVID-19.

This is the best demonstration that for us and for the Dominican government that the health and well-being of tourists and our employees is the priority. I look forward to welcoming our members and guests safely back to their home away from home!”

– Markus Wischenbart

The inoculation journey will continue until all employees obtain the first dose of Sinovac vaccine. The second dose has been scheduled for May 24, 2021.