Markus Wischenbart and Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Receive Award for Best Exterior Design

Markus Wischenbart is the President of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, and he was very eager to hear the winners of the Perspective Magazine Awards, which were announced in March at the 2018 GNEX Conference. If you have never heard of the Perspective Magazine Awards before, you should know that they one of the highest honors in the vacation ownership industry.

Just like the Oscars, which award the best films and could be a life-changing moment for those in the film industry, the Perspective Magazine Awards recognize those individuals and companies that have achieved greatness in the vacation industry. The GNEX Conference took place onboard the Seafair Grand Luxe in Miami Florida. It is one of the biggest networking events of the year, bringing together owners and executives in the vacation industry.

Overall, there were a total of 30 categories and winners announced during a ceremony. Winners were judged independently by four experts in the vacation industry as well as online voters. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club was a finalist in four categories:

Although Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club did not win every award it was a finalist in, Markus Wischenbart said he was very pleased with the recognition and proud of the effort and work for his staff at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club was started in 1995, and it offers families a one-of-a-kind Caribbean vacation experience. Overall, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has more than 50,000 members, and there are a number of different memberships offered to meet a variety of budgets and needs.

Markus Wischenbart is a recognized and well-respected leader in the vacation ownership industry. He has been the President of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club for the past sixteen years. He hopes that this year’s success for the Perspective Magazine Awards is one of many. If you get the chance to visit Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, you are highly recommended to do so to enjoy all the Caribbean has to offer and see why the Perspective Magazine Awards recognized Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.